Easily accessible and well connected, San Adrián is an ideal place to enjoy business, tourist, gastronomic, adventure, family or nature activities.

nature spots and theme parks

In a few kilometers around San Adrián, we can find a wide variety of tourist attractions for all tastes and ages. We highlight Sendaviva, an amusement and nature park that offers activities for the whole family. Bardenas Reales, a natural park ideal for hiking and biking. Barranco Perdido, a paleontological and theme park that also has water activities. In addition, birds of prey lovers can visit Tierra Rapaz to get up close to these impressive animals and learn about their life and natural habitat.

Bardenas Reales

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The Bardenas Reales constitute a semi-desert area that extends through the southeast of Navarra and part of Aragon. It holds the titles of nature reserve and Biosphere reserve.


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Sendaviva is a theme park in Navarra located in the municipality of Arguedas, next to the Bardenas Reales, a Natural Biosphere Reserve. The park has become a reference in the northern area for family leisure.

Barranco perdido

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Barranco Perdido is the paleo adventure park of La Rioja. It is in Enciso, a town declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Tierra Rapaz

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Tierra Rapaz is a bird of prey park where you can learn science and have fun. Tierra rapaz offers two daily demonstrations with areas for recreation and games.

Nearby towns

Nearby San Adrián we find towns where culture, history and nature are intertwined to offer unforgettable tourist experiences. Among them, Calahorra stands out, with its Roman history and its gastronomy; Tudela, with its cultural and artistic heritage; Olite, with its medieval castle; Pamplona, with its famous San Fermín festival; Arnedillo, with its hot springs and natural landscapes; and Enciso, with its sites of dinosaurs and fossils.


Only 8 km away

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Calahorra is a municipality and city of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, belonging to the region of La Rioja Baja. It stands out for the fertility of its lands, which have led it to hold the title of La Rioja’s Vegetable Capital.


Only 51 km away

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Tudela, the capital of the Ribera de Navarra. Between the aridity of the Bardenas and the intense green of the Ribera orchard, is the second largest and most important city in the regional territory.


Only 38 km away

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Olite is a municipality and a Spanish city of the Foral Community of Navarra. It is known for the Palace of the Kings of Navarra or Royal Palace.


Only 79 km away

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Pamplona, the capital of Navarra, is a city full of history and culture. It is famous throughout the world for its San Fermín festivities, which are held in July and attract thousands of visitors from all over the world.


Only 37 km away

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Arnedillo is a municipality in the autonomous community of La Rioja. Its natural hot springs are well known and used by the spa located on the river bank, at the exit of the town.


Only 46 km away

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Enciso is a municipality in the autonomous community of La Rioja close to the border with Soria. It is crossed by the Cidacos river. In the municipality there are more than 3000 dinosaur footprints.

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